My project

I know most of you are probably wondering what I am doing all the time. Overall I’ve been working in my project for about five months now so it´s about time I told you more about it. I’m really sorry for the delay! First I wanted to wait until everything had settled a bit and then I got caught up in Christmas and New Year’s stress. Better late than never!

I waited a bit on purpose because there were a couple of complications when I started working. First of all I was supposed to teach English in 6 schools but then a superior said I need a permit for that (which is really weird because most volunteers teach and never had a problem). Therefore we started offering English courses outside of schools for all the kids that want to learn English.

In total there are three different courses, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. Normally the children in my courses are between seven and twelve years old but the majority is about ten. In the beginning I didn’t have that many students but there came more and more. In total I’ve had more than eighty kids in my classes but about forty come on a regular basis.


Apart from English classes I help CRISFE with other projects as well. For example about every once a month we have a „voluntariado“ where we go to a community with volunteers from Machalilla and the surrounding communities and make a place prettier. For instance we repainted a church and a paved sports field and brought chairs for the church in a tiny community. In October we went to Pueblo Nuevo to repaint the community Centre, paved sports field and playground.


Here there are some pictures from our Christmas lunch with the community volunteers.


What I also really like about my work is that I get to participate in the events organized by CRISFE. For example a short while ago our sewing workshop participants had their graduation and me and all my colleagues were invited.


On top of that, in December I started an English course for adults which takes place at night because many adults who are working in the tourism sector approached me. The biggest problem I have with those courses it that the level of English differ a lot. Some adults spoke three words of English when we started, others are fluent English teachers. That´s why I divided the course into a Beginner and an Advanced course that take place at the same time. At the beginning that was super stressful for me but I learned how to manage and about eleven people come on a regular basis.

Also, two months after we asked for them, we received materials for additional courses so that we were able to start a chess course to practice strategical thinking with the kids.


Every Wednesday evening I go to Puerto Lopez. They have an institution which is called Clara Luna, which offers English courses for children, practices reading with them, hosts volunteers from all over the world and offers Intercambio.  Intercambio is also called Language Exchange and Ecuadorians and foreigners meet and play games together. The whole meeting is for practicing languages and so Ecuadorians practice their English and foreigners their Spanish. It’s a good way to learn a language and meet new people.

I liked Intercambio so much that I started a similar group in Machalilla. Until now we’re not as many people as in Puerto Lopez but it works really well and is fun!

Apart from that I sometimes help in Casa Búho in my free time. Casa Búho is an institution for children in Machalilla. It’s similar to Clara Luna, they read with children, play games and work in important topics. Apart from that they also do school visits where they play and read with the pupils.


I hope now you’re able to understand a little bit more about my work. The truth is also that school holidays have started and the English classes for children will end. Until know I don’t really know what exactly I will do during the holidays so we will see. Intercambio, Chess and the courses for adults will continue and apart from that I don’t really know.

See you soon,




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